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If you’ve found yourself in the middle of a legal dispute, you need a professional litigation lawyer at your side. Having a litigation attorney sends a message to the opposing party, even if your case doesn’t go to trial. It shows them that you won’t back down and are ready for a court battle if necessary.

The litigation lawyers at Kaplan Young represent clients in commercial and general litigation. We provide defendants and plaintiffs with quality and efficient services at an affordable price.

Our team looks forward to hearing more about your case and how we can assist. Contact our office to book a free consultation with a litigation lawyer in Las Vegas.

Our Lawyers Have Experience in a Wide Range of Cases

Conflicts are inevitable, whether they’re between family members, strangers, former employers, or neighbors. These disputes can escalate to the point where one of the parties presses charges or the authorities get involved.

Kaplan Young represents clients in various commercial litigation matters in state, federal, and appellate courts. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Member Disputes
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Contract Disputes
  • Fraud
  • Product Liability
  • Director and Officer Liability
  • Injunction Actions and Other Lawsuits Requiring Immediate Relief
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • RICO
  • Elder Abuse/Guardianship

Often business disputes involve managing and controlling a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership. Others involve private contracts, employment disputes, or other issues that can only be resolved by the courts.

No matter your problem, our litigation lawyers will develop an effective strategy to ensure the best result possible. Your lawyer will negotiate on your behalf with confidence. Your rights will be defended by one of our seasoned lawyers.

How Our Litigation Process Works

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Step 2: We Learn About Your Case

Your consultation will be held with a litigation attorney. We take the time to listen to the details of your case and create a path forward.

Step 3: Have a Shoulder to Lean On

Our team at Kaplan Young understands that navigating the court process can be stressful. You can feel confident that you’ll have a partner that supports you the entire time.

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How Much Does a Litigation Lawyer Cost?

Our goal is to keep your attorney’s fees as low as possible. We’ll provide you with transparent pricing options during our initial consultation.

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Kaplan Young was founded by Kory Kaplan Esq. and Brittany Young Esq. Our attorneys are passionate about helping others in the Las Vegas community. We advocate for our clients and are trustworthy partners during the court process.

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