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Liability and Legal Ramifications: What Happens If Your Uber Crashes?

Over 131 million people regularly use Uber, so accidents are an inevitable part of the rideshare service. While being in an Uber accident is stressful, compensation is usually available for injured passengers.

To collect these funds, though, you’ll need to work with an experienced and reliable Las Vegas law firm. Read on to learn what happens if your Uber crashes and how an attorney can help you get through the stressful period after an accident.

What Happens if Your Uber Crashes Without Injuring You?

Not all accidents will cause injuries. If you were the passenger in an Uber accident but sustained no injuries, you are going to be asked for information. You’ll need to give law enforcement or an insurance company your version of what happened.

Note, though, that even people who don’t immediately think they’re injured may, in fact, have sustained injuries. Don’t immediately declare that you weren’t injured. Wait to make sure that you don’t have whiplash or other joint/muscle tears that haven’t shown up yet.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so go to the ER if you think you may need it. Talking to a medical professional is the only way to be 100% sure you’re alright. If you begin to feel joint or muscle pain later or experience numbness after an accident, head to the hospital or medical professional as soon as you notice symptoms.

Personal Injury Claims After an Uber Crash

If you are injured, you can open up a personal injury case to get compensation for medical bills.

So, What Do You Do?

There are three possible avenues here, depending on your specific situation.

If the other driver was at fault for the accident, you can sue them and potentially collect damages to cover your medical bills, past pain and suffering, future medical bills, and future pain and suffering. This requires the help of a personal injury attorney to assess the damage, determine how much compensation you can get, and negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance.

If your Uber driver was at fault, you can potentially collect compensation from the driver and Uber. However, Uber’s goal is to save money, so it’s possible that their insurance agents may lowball you. An attorney can help you get compensation from them in the appropriate amount.

The third situation is that your injuries potentially are not covered either by Uber or by the other driver. In this scenario, there are still ways that you can recover compensation, but it will be more challenging. You’ll need a strong legal team to help you gather evidence, understand your case, and deal with Uber’s lawyers and insurance.

How Can An Attorney Help?

Like any car crash, you will likely have gathered some information after your Uber collision. Photos of the rideshare accident site, pictures of both vehicles, photographs of your injuries, and license plate information should all be in your phone. You also will likely have filed a police report (unless you were too injured to do so).

An attorney will use this information to help you build a case.

They’ll also look into security camera footage, dashcam video, and photos of the accident site. They’ll take eyewitness accounts from other passengers or those in nearby cars. They may also work with accident reconstruction experts to build a clear picture of what happened.

At this point, they’ll have a solid foundation for building your case. They’ll then begin negotiating compensation with the at-fault party.

They may be working with the insurance company of the other driver, Uber’s insurance agency, or your Uber driver’s insurance.

Luckily, experienced lawyers will have a comprehensive understanding of your situation. They’ll communicate with you, let you know what to expect, and keep you in the loop throughout the process of negotiations. 

What Kinds of Compensation Can You Collect?

The compensation you collect will depend on the injuries you sustain. Predictably, more serious injuries can get greater compensation. You may get funds to cover:

·       Medical bills (both past and future)

·       Other healthcare costs (ongoing physical therapy, home care, etc)

·       Mobility aids like wheelchairs and crutches

·       Money to cover wages and benefits if you had to take time off work

·       Loss of future earning potential if you no longer can perform your job

·       Temporary disability

·       Permanent disability/disfigurement

·       Pain and suffering/quality of life impacts

Your attorney will look into your losses and help you determine what you can get. They’ll negotiate to get you the highest possible sum while informing you of offers. You won’t take the first settlement offer; your lawyer will tell you when you reach a reasonable agreement.

This amount won’t be a huge mystery, though. Your lawyer will tell you upfront how much you can likely get based on similar past cases. You’ll have a rough idea of what to expect.

Get in Touch With Our Las Vegas Law Firm

Now that you know what happens if your Uber crashes, it’s time to talk with an attorney about getting compensation after a rideshare accident. Our team is committed to helping people in Las Vegas get the damages needed to cover medical bills and related expenses.

Our experienced attorneys have been operating in Las Vegas for their entire legal careers. We operate on contingency, so you won’t need to pay us a cent unless you win. Contact Kaplan Young to schedule a consultation and see whether we’re a good fit for your Uber crash claim.


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