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The Importance of Legal Representation in Car Accident Claims Against The Hartford

No matter how cautious you are on the road, accidents can happen. Statistically, the average US driver can expect to be involved in 3-4 accidents in their lifetime. Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming, especially if you’re injured or facing significant vehicle damage. These incidents often lead to injuries, lost income, and mounting expenses.
When dealing with The Hartford, matters can become even more complicated. Insurance companies are known for making things difficult, often resorting to delaying tactics or offering inadequate settlements. If you’ve been in a car accident in Las Vegas and are struggling to receive proper compensation, seeking the expertise of a seasoned personal injury attorney, such as Kaplan Young, is essential. Working with a lawyer specializing in car accident cases can significantly improve your chances of success.
About The Harford Insurance:    
The Hartford began in 1810 as a fire insurance company. Over the past 200+ years, it has expanded to offer auto, home, and business insurance. It ranks 13th as the largest property and casualty insurance company in the United States. The Hartford maintains a positive reputation for customer service and satisfaction. Nevertheless, as a business, their main goal is to maximize revenue and minimize losses.
In January 2024, a consumer class action was filed against The Hartford alleging “the insurer undervalued totaled or fully destroyed cars, leading to the insured getting paid less than deserved.” Many victims of personal injury or property damage claims with The Hartford find themselves shortchanged or insulted by the offered settlement amounts.
How to File a Car Accident Claim with The Hartford:    
To file a claim with The Hartford, submit it online or speak to a representative at 800-243-5860. This call will mark the start of the claims process. At this point, they’ll be looking for basic information: 

  • Date, time, and place of the accident
  • Names of the drivers involved
  • Vehicles involved in the accident
  • Details of the resulting damage
  • Police report of the incident
  • Photographs or videos of the scene
Next, they will assign a claims adjuster to your claim. The adjuster is an insurance company employee who investigates and resolves your claim. Their job is to save the company money and pay as little as possible. At this juncture, the claims adjuster will request an official statement. Remember, anything you say to the adjuster could be evidence against you in court. They have a knack for sniffing out inconsistencies, misinterpretations, and even inadvertent admissions, all to trim down your payout. To ensure your rights, you should team up with a seasoned lawyer who can artfully craft and submit your statement on your behalf.
If The Hartford adjuster finds their policyholder at fault for your Las Vegas car accident, they’ll extend an initial settlement offer. This offer should encompass all the expenses from the accident and your injuries. Discuss this offer with your attorney; they’ll be your guiding star in assessing its fairness or foreseeing any potential shortfall in covering all accident-related costs. Remember that these offer letters often come with a waiver, limiting your ability to pursue further compensation.
If your claim hits a roadblock or unjust settlement offer, you may have to sue The Hartford for fair compensation.
What can you expect from The Hartford’s initial settlement offer?
After a thorough investigation, the adjuster will present an initial settlement offer. It’s crucial to ensure that your settlement includes any possible expenses. Teaming up with an attorney ensures you receive the maximum compensation for your claim. Your attorney will delve into all the associated costs typically involved in a car accident claim, going beyond just medical bills to encompass:

  • Physical injuries
  • Lost wages
  • Vehicle damage
  • Subsequent medical expenses
  • Actions of the at-fault driver
  • Accident causation
  • Long-term bodily harm
  • Pain and suffering
How Can Kaplan Young Law Firm Help Me with The Hartford?
If you or someone you love sustained injuries or property damage in a car accident in Las Vegas, don’t entrust your claim to The Hartford’s whims. Drawing upon years of expertise, Kaplan Young knows the best way to handle claims with The Hartford. Contact Kaplan Young Law Firm today at 702-381-8888 to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our dedicated personal injury attorneys.