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If you’ve been involved in a car accident and are dealing with Allstate Insurance, we are here to help you understand the process and maximize your settlement compensation. Our team of experienced car accident lawyers specializes in personal injury claims in Nevada, but the information provided here can be applied to any car accident claim involving Allstate Insurance.

As one of the largest insurance companies in the world, Allstate handles millions of claims each year, including automobile, property, and bodily injury claims. With over $51 billion in revenue in 2022 alone, Allstate has a significant market share, particularly in automobile insurance and other third-party personal injury claims insurance.

Dealing with Allstate: What to Expect

When it comes to dealing with Allstate on personal injury accident claims, many victims and lawyers have expressed frustration, leading to the perception that Allstate is one of the most challenging insurance companies to work with. Some of the factors contributing to this reputation include the company’s tendency to make unreasonable settlement offers and its overall difficulty in handling injury claims.

Allstate has received criticism for its claims practices and using aggressive tactics in settlement negotiations, even stalling claims when victims don’t accept their initial offers. Additionally, Allstate utilizes a computer system called Colossus to evaluate settlement amounts, which some claim removes the human element and can lead to low settlement offers.

Colossus, the computer program used by Allstate, calculates settlement amounts based on various factors, including the severity of the injury, the victim’s age, and the record of the victim’s accident lawyers in filing suits and taking cases to trial. This program uses a database of historical claims data and a complex algorithm to determine the appropriate settlement amount for a claim. While Allstate claims that Colossus is only a tool to assist its adjusters and that human adjusters play a significant role in larger cases, our experience suggests that adjusters in small cases have limited authority to adjust settlement offers based on the specific details of the case. As a result, some settlement offers for Allstate injury claims may seem unreasonably low.

How long does it take Allstate to settle an injury claim?

Our lawyers are generally unimpressed with Allstate’s first settlement offer. But the Allstate settlement process is quicker than many insurance companies.

What can you expect from Allstate’s initial settlement offer in personal injury cases?

We have achieved great success in obtaining favorable settlements and verdicts against Allstate. It’s natural for people to wonder about the value of their personal injury claim. However, the settlement value is often different from the trial value. How different can they be?

It depends on various factors, but the most important factor is the strength and significance of your case. In smaller cases, the trial value may be 150%-175% higher than Allstate’s last offer. In more significant cases, the trial value can be much greater than the initial offer. 

Does this mean you should always sue Allstate instead of settling before a lawsuit? The decision is up to you. Settling before filing a lawsuit is much faster, as lawsuits can take years to conclude. Our goal is to secure as much money as possible for you, regardless of when you choose to settle.

Is Allstate difficult to deal with when it comes to auto accident claims in Nevada?

Interacting with Allstate claims adjusters can be challenging, especially if you reject their initial settlement offer. When you counter with a significantly higher amount, negotiations can become adversarial. Our battles with Allstate typically revolve around the amount they are willing to pay for pain and suffering.

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