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Premises Liability after a personal injury

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Premises Liability Case?

There are 24.8 million unintentional injuries in the United States per year. A visitor who is injured on another premise might need to initiate a legal claim. But that doesn’t always happen, and people don’t get compensation.

Premises liability is a broad term that can be confused with certain types of insurance. To keep it simple, a premises liability claim typically involves an unreasonably dangerous situation on someone else’s property. 

Depending on the circumstance, you’ll need a premises liability/personal injury lawyer. 

Personal and Premises Liability Cases

A premises liability case deals with the property condition and a resulting injury. For example, if you visit a store and slip and fall on a broken floorboard or liquid, this would fall under premises liability. 

So, what are some other examples of premises liability? 

Here are some common types of claims in a premises liability case: 

  • Slip and fall on premises
  • Insufficient maintenance that leads to hazards and injuries
  • Inadequate security 
  • Ice incidents on the ground
  • Toxic chemicals on the property 

People who have experienced these situations need to hire a premises liability lawyer. To find your next lawyer, you should always ask about their knowledge of premises liability cases and ask to see reviews. This is crucial for getting the results you desire from the lawsuit.

Instead of trying to negotiate alone, your lawyer will know what documents to send to a business and the guidelines to follow.

Why a Premises Liability Lawyer Is Essential

One tricky aspect of a premises liability claim is proving the property owner was responsible. You need to be able to provide objective evidence of property negligence, including that the property owner knew or should have known of the dangerous condition. 

Even though we all wish it is simple to file a claim, there are often a lot of legal hoops to jump through first. 

The two main obstacles for personal injury claims are to prove property negligence and to prove you were not mainly responsible for the incident. Therefore, you’ll need to be prepared to fight against any potential claims against you

Proving Property Negligence

Lawyers are trained to understand the different approaches to winning legal battles like premises liability cases. 

A property owner has a duty to prevent danger and must inform invitees of potential dangers before entering a building. Likewise, a property owner needs to warn invitees of hazards in advance if they come across a slippery floor or areas under maintenance. If people visiting don’t have this information, then there may be negligence on behalf of the property owner or operator.

Benefits of a Premises Liability Lawyer

Besides helping you get the compensation you deserve after an injury, there are other benefits to hiring a lawyer.  The evidence, the medical records, and information about how the injury has affected your life all play a crucial role in your potential recovery.  

That’s why it’s vital that you hire a lawyer to manage the paperwork so nothing gets lost or overlooked. Lawyers have experience in similar cases, so they have fast access to the information you need.

Putting your trust in a lawyer is essential if you want to make the process efficient and achieve the best outcome. But it’s equally important to hire a lawyer to represent you when negotiating with the property owner. If you’ve never been in this situation, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with terminology and evidence. 

You don’t want to rush the process when filing a premises liability claim, as you could lose money for your medical treatment, pain and suffering, and future care. A lawyer will give you a fair representation so that all of your concerns are heard and taken into consideration during the process. It’s also good to have a supportive professional to help give you advice about the next steps. 

For instance, you should always try to take photos of the incident when it happens and contact legal help as soon as possible. They will also remind you to keep copies of medical bills if you need treatment. 

Personal Injury Assistance for Your Case

If you need a personal injury lawyer, you should get the most reliable service possible so that you get immediate medical treatment without having to wait and without initially paying for medical bills out of your own bank account.

First, you should find a lawyer you feel comfortable with and who has the qualifications to tackle your case. Luckily, our team in Las Vegas is dedicated to giving you legal help and support through the entire process. 

Ready to chat? Contact the team here for more details about our lawyers.


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